Okay ladies, my daughter is 12 years old and she wants to talk to boys on the phone. Any suggestions

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My daughter is 12 years ld and asked for permission to give boys her telephone number and I don't know what to say. I think she is too young but I don't want her to sneak around and do it. What do yakk think?


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i think as long as it is monitored it is fine. my 2 oldest daughters are 12 and 15. neither is allowed to date but both are allowed to talk on the phone as long as it is done out in the open and at resonable hours. besides, it gives me a privelage to take if need be. no one calls until homework is done, no diner calls and none after nine. it allows them a little grow up room so there is no sneaking. i would rather know what is going on and who is in their life. Good luck and God bless!

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At 12 years old for a girl to have conversations with friends who happen to be boys seems okay for now. Dating is way to young. Start with small steps and let her gradually have conversations with the boys who are friends. They may have common issues and knowing that your child is in the house having conversations in a light manner can be good.

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as long as these are school boys and not random guys she met online then i would let her

just talk with her and set some ground rules like if you ask her whos on the phone you expect her to be honest and let her know how you think its is very mature and responsable of her to ask first.

i think its very important for there to be trust between the two of you just becarefull on what you chose to do your relationship with her is very important and teenage girls are very ... emotional... not sure if thats the right word.. good luck

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I don't have a daughter, but I think it's responsible of her to ask before she gave her number to other people. I wouldn't have a problem with it. Granted I would want to know who these kids are (both boys & girls), but I wouldn't want her to think that it's NOT ok to have boys as friends or that it's wrong to talk to them outside of school.

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My daughter is 13 and i have given her a phone but am yet to accept for her to on line. I do not think there is a formula to this,i just try to talk to her about everything. Keep talking

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no and hell to the no. she got to be crazy. things has not change .... she is a kid .. tell her stay in her lane. its nice she can ask for permission but no.

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My daughter is nearly 12 and I have just i the last month allowed her to talk on the phone/online to boys.
However she is only allowed to talk to boys that I know eg classmates.
Same goes for online as well.
If shes like my daughter these boys will just be friends rather than ''boyfriends''
Dont they grow up quickly now lol

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Yes, it was very responsible of her to ask: does she ask the same about giving her phone number to girls? Is there a difference? I wouldn't have a problem with it at all. It's just more friends.

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she only wants to talk to them if u monitor it it should b fine n if she wants to go on a date makesure a adult go with her. she probley just wants to be freinds with them sum gals get on better with boys

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lol. Let her talk to boys before she runs away and gets pregnant. My mom didn't let me talk to boys on the phone until I was 16 but I did it anyway behind her back. It's better if you know about it and who she's talking to. Just think back 12 years ago when she was first born and you told her everything because she was "the one" you could talk to. You would want her to do the same for you, right?? I want my daughter to be open (or atleast be WILLING) to talk to me about ANNNNYYYTHING when she gets bigger.

Hope this helps.

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