Okay mom's summer is approaching us and i need some ideas of what to do with my kids for the summer!

Aileesha - posted on 05/29/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




I would rather not put my kids in a summer camp this year but I would like to hear some of the things that you do with your kids so you can help break up the routine of going to the park and the playground.


Jessie - posted on 05/29/2010




get a season pass to the zoo that never gets old, going to the farmers market and seeing what is grown locally, have a water war with super soakers and water "grenades" on the really hot days visit the local pool or plan a day trip to the lake or beach is you are near the ocean, or the museum often times has featured exhibits that change like every month, make a deal w/ you kids if they are good for a whole month then you can go to a water park....and look in to local city festivals those are always fun

Christina - posted on 05/29/2010




When i worked at a day care we did lots of fun things ... we have had water balloon fights, put a tarp on the hill in outside made our own slip and slid. We made a little tent out of blankets and chairs in the back yard and had a pick nick. We went to a local petting farm, and a beach.
We had a rainy day movies and ate pop corn like we were at the the theater.
there are thousands of craft ideas on parents.com and most you can do by just holding on to certain things like tp rolls or klenex boxes. i am currently saving to make a band... a coffee can drumb, water bottle shakers and a kelenx guitar.
i hope you have fun and remember simple can be better, most of the things i have tried or plan on arent hard and dont take all day so i can keep up with my childs attention span

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JuLeah - posted on 06/13/2011




My daughter and I pick themes, one a week usually. For example, she slected 'Caves' - So, we will learn all about caves, the animals that live there, how people can/did live there, types of caves, how they are formed .... library, movies, web, field trips to actual caves, story books about kids exploring caves, cave around the world ..... She picked 'Candy' for one theme last summer and we took a free tour of a candy factory near where we live, we learned how to make candy, the history of, ordered candy from South Africa that can't be bought here ... so tracked miles, convereted money ... we learned a lot about the science behind candy, where the colors come from ... actually she now eats candy that is made from more natural products :)

Anyway, whatever your kids are into ...

Mya - posted on 06/13/2011




We are going bowling for free. It's a site KIDSBOWLFORFREE. Also if you have a Bank of America card there are museums that children can get in for free and the zoo! Here's something else do you have a friend that you haven't seen in years and a car. Well I do we took a weeked trip to conneticut it cost me $36. Half of that went to tolls. We stayed at my friends house that cost $0 and we ate for free. We had a great time my daughter still isn't speaking to me because I brought her home. lol

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One of my kids favorite things to do is a Read-a-thon party. We would make treats some healthy some not so much, visit the library a day or 2 before, invite some friends over, and have a reading day. When they were young it is actually only an hour or 2. We built blanket tents and comfy corners to read. We would read for 15 minutes to an hour depending on their age during which time the house had to be quiet. Then break for a small snack, sharing time of the books they were reading, maybe even a quick game of motor boat, button button, or Simon Says to burn some energy off.

My kids and the neighborhood kids always looked forward to this event. Some of the moms too, as it gave us all time to read and for the most part uninterrupted.

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Tisha reminded me that our library has free movie night once a week TY! I'm putting em on calendar now! So check your local library for freebie programs too!

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Around here they have free programs for kids in the summer. Its usually high school kids that volunteer a few hours a week to play games or do crafts with the neighbourhood kids, and its run through the city. I think they're geared for like 5+, so if you have something similar in your area you could check that out.

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check with local movie theatres. most of the ones in our area offer a free kids movie once or twice a week. they don't advertise it, but I called and asked and they were able to give me a schedule.. it's usually in the morning before the theatre opens and it usually an old movie fromthe previous year, not a new release. you can check you local library for story and activity schedules, check your local state parks for any activites that they might be offering too.

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this summer I'm actually adding way more structure than I normally have. I'm going to train my kids in new chores. mopping, sewing on buttons, & maintaining the lawn mower. they each have their own plot in the garden they have to water and weed.

I have actually scheduled their day (loosely). 2 times a week they are going to choose a meal and with my help cook it.

They will have a set time every day to practice typing, a set "creative" time where they can craft or write draw... and 45 min of alone time where they can nap, day dream, or read.

I did find a half day (free!) theater camp for my eldest when my younger one has swim lessons, but that is only for 2 weeks.

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