Okay so I pretty sure a couple days ago I began loosing pieces of my mucus plug, and now for the past 2 days I been having these contractions and they hurt but I still think they are too far apart to go into the hospital right now, plus I been leaking discharge off n on all day long for the past 3 days or so also, do you think I should go ahead and go in or hold it out til the contractions get closer?


Pam - posted on 06/21/2011




Kate has asked the right question! If it is normal vaginal discharge, I would wait to go in. If it is watery like urine, your water may have started leaking and you need to go in right away to prevent infection. And always remember, if you are worried or unsure, go in and get assessed. The worst that is going to happen is that they send you home.


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Kate CP - posted on 06/21/2011




When you say leaking discharge is it thin and watery (almost like urine) or is it like a typical vaginal discharge?

Elfrieda - posted on 06/21/2011




Yay, it sounds like you're starting! :) I think you should hold off on going to the hospital. I was in early labour (contractions 15 minutes apart) from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning at 8, when the real thing started and I had the baby by 4:45. It sucked, but my midwife told me to take a painkiller and sleep, so that's what I did all Saturday long.

If they're five minutes apart, 1 minute long, and it's been going on for 1 hour, then you know it's the bigtime! :) I think that's the time you go to the hospital.

I think most people suggest staying away from the hospital in the early stages, just because they'll send you home anyway, or you'll have to be put in a room where it's not as comfortable as home.

But why don't you call your OB or midwife already, just to give them a heads-up, and to ask for advice because of the discharge. You want to make sure there's still enough amniotic fluid for the baby.

You'll probably meet your baby soon! Congratulations! :)

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