Okay so my son just turned 2 august 5th and we have been doing the potty training thing ever since not consistently but ever since.. Now .. when I put him on the toilet he will pee sometimes or number two sometimes.. but i want him to understand on his own that when he has to go he should go in the bathroom so i tried telling him im gonna give you a whoop whoop if you go potty in your diaper and that fails.. i try just repeating it over and over that if he has to go to tell mama. sooo circle of moms lets hear the advice


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Sherri - posted on 09/27/2012




Sorry but most kids especially boys can not tell you that young!! So threatening to spank him for something he has no control over yet could honestly be abusive and honestly will only make him terrified of it rather than an incentive.

All you can do is encourage him but I wouldn't expect it till he is closer to the 2 1/2yr mark. Oh and FYI this is what I do for a living I have worked with toddlers for the past 20yrs.

Dove - posted on 09/27/2012




You threatened to spank your barely 2 year old if he didn't use the potty? No, no, no, no, no....

Kids (generally speaking.. I know there are exceptions to everything) WILL potty train when they are ready. Some kids are ready at 2 or younger... others aren't ready til around 3 or even a bit later.

MY advice from my own experiences with potty training.... Encourage him to use the potty and offer him assistance if he wants to go, but leave it up to him when he is ready. That was the method that was most successful in my house.

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