okey i am at my witts end with my almost 20month old she is so out of control sleeping forget it u can telll by looking at her. tonight she rocked in regular chair and i dont know what she did but busted her mouth bleeding. i dont get no sleep with way she sleeps been going on for months . when falls asleep its at 5am up from 2am.im stressed going off on everyone at home and right now she sick and still going sick or not.help


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Christine Tiffany - posted on 12/06/2012




she dont let us touch her she fights us she doesnt even like cleaning her ears out or wiping her nose . she is same way with my parents they watch her while im at work.and no nap during day and no sleep at night.

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Do you have a family member or a good friend that can give you a little break? If she hurt herself and is sick, you can expect her to act up a bit. I mean, think about it. If you hurt yourself and are bleeding AND you are sick, how well would you sleep?

She should get her mouth checked out.

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