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Carolyn - posted on 01/20/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )





It does not have to be a detailed talk. Just age appropriate. I started when my daughter asked me how babies were made at 3 years old. I just said "it takes an egg and a sperm" she said okay. I don't believe in the age old watermelon or stork theory. The truth will set you free. Months later she asked me where the egg and sperm came from? I said the Mommy has the eggs and the Daddy has the sperm. This held her for quite a while. When the real talk came at 7, she understood more than I thought (kids DO talk at school!) Now, 29, and still a virgin, she thanked me for always being honest with her and not telling her some off-the-wall story. Now days kids are going to get answers to their questions. Wouldn't you want to be the one to tell them the truth or would you rather someone fill them with myths and have an accident occur. My daughter is in a plutonic relationship with a great young man and marriage is in the picture. Believe it or not, he is a virgin too! They are out there, just trust.


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Platonic means no sexual interest. I sincerely hope she's not about to marry a man in which neither of them have sexual interest. That would be quite sad for them both.

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i'm not one that thinks that being open and honest about sex from the age of 3 is going to keep my sons virgins until they're married...i dont' even want them to be, lol.

i do think it's wise to be open and honest about everything, but i'm not so inclined to believe that it will have anything to do with them being virgins. i feel it will help them to be more aware of sex, and how normal of a thing it is, and how it shouldn't be kept under wraps for eternity.


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I really don't need my 3 year old running around daycare screaming out the word sperm! lol

I will go into more details when she is 6-8 depending on her maturity. I appreciate that each mother has a different way in which we explain these life experiences with our children and it relies heavily on our children's personalities, our own beliefs and life experiences. I don't believe there is one way of doing things.

Just as I don't personally believe in abstaining from sex before marriage. I admire those who do it and go on to have successful relationships.... but personally in my life marriage was a huge commitment and I wanted to make sure that we were compatible in all areas before taking that step.

Sherri - posted on 01/21/2012




I have to agree with Rosie on this one. In no way do kids need to know about sex at the age of 3. Heck I am pregnant with #4 now and my almost 6yr old still has no interest or questions about sex. There is something to be said for keeping your kids innocent and young as long as possible IMO.

Erin - posted on 01/21/2012




I just picked up a book for my boys today (almost 3yo and 4 1/2 yo). It's called "When You Were Inside Mommy." They haven't been asking questions, but they like being read to so I'm thinking this is a good way to start giving them the information. What scared me is an article that said half of teenage girls didn't realize they could get pregnant when they did. I'm hoping by giving my boys factual information that they are not the boy that gets his girlfriend knocked up. My husband and I both waited for each other. I pray that my boys wait too, but in the meantime, I want them to know the facts.

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