Oldest son i. Air force.. Was to be home for 2 nd sons wedding. Texted last night he cant

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I want to call vimmander and demand son comes home for his brothers wedding


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I have to agree with Shawnn on this one. You knew when he joined the military service that he would have to follow orders and go where he was sent. He has no say in getting off though he does earn leave time. Even if he did have leave approved, that does not mean that they could not turn around and deny it for whatever reasons. In a movie called Independence Day; there is a scene that shoes this pilot having to leave his GF's home because his leave was cancelled and she fought with him about it. He told her he would not argue the issue with her because leave had been stopped for all military men. She had to get over it and you will as well. As Shawnn also said, take a lot of photos and videos and send them to him and he will know how much he is missed and he will still in a sense be there. My suggestion is if there is a big sore of reception going on set a place of honor up for him and place his picture there and during toasts offer up a reminder of your son who is fighting to protect this country and honor him too. Tell them that he wanted to be there but because of his duties he could not and leave it at that. There is no need to have a fit over it.

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Um, if he cannot get permission to attend, you really want him to go AWOL???

When you join the military, they dictate your time. If he cannot get his commanding officer to allow him to attend, there's really not a damned thing that you can do.

Take lots of pictures, make sure he knows he's missed, and move forward.

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