OMG am i starting to loose it?

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All day yesterday it seemed like my underwear stayed a lil mucusy, Last night it felt like he kept hitting my cervix like bouncing in there lol. Than this morning when i wiped it was a little bit of mucus that was a little bit yellowish like a string with a ball. I heard some woman can loose it over time in the last month. could i be one of them? Did i just loose some of the musuc plug? Or am i starting to?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 10/20/2012




Yup. you could totally be losing part of your mucous plug. Sometimes it will be a bit bloody (bloody show). Sometimes it is a partial loss, and it can grow back. Inform your doctor or mid wife about this. I started losing mine about 2 weeks before my second child was born, and it just seemed like I was constantly losing it.

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