OMG can I be pregnant again!


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Anaquita - posted on 01/19/2014




Chances are, not likely. Not impossible, but not likely. It can take up to a year (sometimes more) for the period to regulate itself again after giving birth. On top of that, breastfeeding can delay periods for some time. However it would be best to talk to your doctor about some kind of birth control, to give your body time to heal and build up nutrients, before getting pregnant again.

Yunirka - posted on 01/19/2014




So I just had a babe he's 9 weeks... I started having intercourse again around 3 weeks postpartum no protection just using the pull out method, I was breastfeeding for a little over 3 weeks. When am I supposed to get my period? Can I be pregnant? I have no symptoms..

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