on anf off coughs

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My 5year old daughter coughs on and of all the time I am concern it might be something more serious. In the last 6month she has been to the doctor 5 times each time she gets antibiotics and a breathing treatment the cough will go away for week or two and it comes back. Please I need help, she is suffering so much.


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My daughters 4 and thats exactly how she started with asthma at one point they thought it was her adonids so maybe something worth looking into.

Louise - posted on 05/16/2012




Could this be asthma or hayfever? If the doctors are giving her antibiotics then it has to be some sort of infection. I went through a similar thing with my daughter and ear infections. She had five ear infections in five months. It seems now she is better all of a sudden no reason why!

If this continues then request a chest xray to see what is going on and why the infection keeps coming back.

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