One Mommy two Daddys

Jenn - posted on 02/20/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a wonderful four year old who's daddy does what he can to be in the picture, however with his work schedule he really only ends up having our perfect baby girl for about 48 hours a week. I am currently unemployed and had to pull my daughter from daycare. I am home with her practically all week. I've been in this relationship for a little over two years. My daughter likes to play with my fiance debut hasn't fully taken to him in the two years we've been together. Now, we are expecting and my daughter is so stoked to be a big sister. She's recently reverting back to baby behavior- talking like a baby, wanting to be carried, overall very clingy. Since she's been the only for so long, I never minded giving in to her silly behavior. So I am feeling really overwhelmed with what feels like multiple issues. I don't want my daughter to feel excluded from the family when the new baby arrives because the new baby will have its mommy and daddy together in one place. Unlike my daughter, who always tries to find a way to get her daddy and me back together so she doesn't "have to live in more than one place" those are the words of my four year old. I can't force a bond with my daughter and my fiance, but I would really like it if I could get the two of them closer as I fear when the new baby is here, my fiance will completely neglect my daughter because he now has his own flesh and blood. The bond between my daughter and fiance has always been a rocky road because she isn't his which created tension, and my daughter's dad used to talk negatively about my fiance to our daughter. There is some deep history surrounding all of us. As my dad always called me his little flower child, I stay true to his many years old observation... I just want everyone to love each other and get along, forgive the past and move forward as that is what life does regardless of our state of mind.

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