One of my 7 month old twins still not sleeping through the night!

Heather Nicole - posted on 09/08/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




We have boy/girl twins. My son, the bigger (20lbs @ 7 months!) twin still wakes a pretty consistent two times during the night, once around 12:30-1 am then again at 4 am, but then sleeps until almost 7 am. He requires a small 3 to 4 oz bottle to fall back asleep, but it's usually immediately after the bottle (and at least one diaper change as he is soaked). He sleeps with a pacifier but does not require it to fall asleep. He has a blankie that is required at all naps and bedtime. He naps for about 45 to an hour in the morning around 9:30 and for about 90 min in the afternoon around 2 pm and I am strict on their nap and bedtime scehdules. His sister, the smaller one sleeps within minutes of being layed down and doesn't wake until almost 6:30, sometimes she'll wake at 5, take a small bottle and dry diaper and will then fall back asleep until closer to 7. Am I expecting too much at this age? I feel like he shouldn't be needing night bottles at his age and weight. I carried them 37 wks until delivery, they stayed in NICU for a short time to simply gain weight as I only gained 22lbs during pregnancy because of Hyperemesis Gravidarum. They eat solids twice a day, fruits and vegs, I have not introduced any meats/proteins nor dairy (outside of their formula). Any suggestions would be so appreciated. I'm a first time mom @ 32 y.o. and I just cannot do the cry it out method, he gets so upset he's almost convulsing. He is teething as well and three teeth are all of the way out...Is he really hungry or is the bottle a prop at this point? Is it the teething? Has his bladder not developed enough and the wetness wakes him? A combi of all of these things?

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