One year old baby having sleeping/eating problems.. Need help!

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I have a 14 month old son who has never had issues with sleeping and the past three of four days he is having lot's of problems. He used to take two naps a day and then head to bed around 8:30 pm, now we struggle to get him to sleep once a day and even sleep at night. He will scream hysterically when we just place him in his crib and we just do the cry it out method with him, but it is out of his norm to be this way. On top of that, he will only sleep a little at a time before waking up the same way. At night, he will sleep in two hour intervals and wake up screaming like he was being beaten, it is discerning to me because I am not used to him doing this. I have tried so many things, nothing seems to work. On top of that, he is having issues with drinking his milk now too. He has been on straight milk since 11 months old and now he is suddenly not wanting to drink any milk at all.. Not from a bottle or sippy cup. He never had any problems until this sleeping issue happened. What can I do, I am looking for some other motherly advice before I just break down and take him to the dr. He is my third son, so it's not like I am new to motherhood, but I am so new to this issue.. Any advice? Please help! Thank you all so much in advance...


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Thanks Tracy! Yeah, I had checked for that too, but he just cut through three molars last month and as far as I could tell he wasn't teething anymore. I think I am going to have to buckle down and just take him to the dr. He did the same thing again this morning already for his morning nap, he just screamed and is still refusing milk. :(

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Sounds like he has an ouchy tooth (that is always my assumption when my 11 month old starts screaming like she is being beaten for no reason!). Assuming you have tried the simple stuff like Tylenol, I would be taking him to the doctor - it doesn't hurt to get him checked when he is suddenly acting so different, maybe he is getting over a virus or has a tummy bug causing him pain?

It sucks when you know something is wrong and they can't tell you what!!!!

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