oneline lighter than the other

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I had two miscarriages all ready and I took a home test and one of the lines was darker than the other and I went to the Dr and she gave me another test to take and it came back negative she told me to go get sum blood work done to find out cuz I might be to early I font know what to think I'm so confused please help me I really don't know what to feel


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Gena - posted on 11/22/2014




If you want to you could take a digital pregnancy test while you are waiting for the blood results or ultrascan. Try relax and hope everything comes out positive for you! Good luck

Sarah - posted on 11/21/2014




The darkness of the lines does not matter. The first is a control and will be dark, the second is the detection of the pregnancy hormone and many things can affect the intensity of the line. If you are quite early in a pregnancy, your test at home might have been positive because your urine was more concentrated than it was at the doctors office. I blood test or and ultrasound will tell you for sure.
Unfortunately you have no control over this right now. It is hard, scary and frustrating. I don't know what your faith is like but if you do believe in God, now is the time to really lean on Him. Do you have a girlfriend or sister that you can hang out with while you wait to find out. Maybe get together and take your mind off things.

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