Only bananas please......

Brigitte - posted on 02/16/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




My 6 1/2 month old son will only eat bananas. Everything else he refuses. I have tried mixing foods together, but nothing works. Any suggestions? Should I worry that he isn't eating much solid foods and just breastmilk? Any suggestions??


Victoria - posted on 02/16/2011




Don't worry so much. Babies his age don't have well developed taste buds. My daughter liked somethings, didn't like others, then changed a few of them over!
Your still breastfeeding, so he's getting what he needs from Mommy. If your worried just be sure to take your prenatal vitamins so your sure you have all the nutrients. I would suggest eating extra fiber (or something you know will make him poop) if he gets constipated from the bananas. If I drank Crystal Light, my daughter would come "unplugged"

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just bananas may end up making him constipated. Keep trying different foods. I wouldn't give in and just give him that. They're still young and "food" isn't the main form of their nutrients - the milk/formula is. If I found a favorite my kids liked, I'd save that one for sunday morning breakfast when daddy was home so he would be able to feed them and watch them eat like horses. :) It's just something we liked to do. We always tried different things though.

Freakishly, my son's favorite was potatoes and spinach!!

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I agree not to worry. My daughter was EBF until almost 8 months and even then she didn't eat a whole lot of solids until after a year.

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He's young still. My son did take his first bite of solids at 6 months, but his interest was so random that he wasn't even eating on a daily basis until around a year.... and still would have days of just nursing even after that.

He's a happy, healthy almost 3 year old now, so just breastmilk at your son's age is FINE.

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You don't need to worry! As mentioned already, most all of your son's nutrients/calories are coming from the breastmilk so that shouldn't be a problem. Kids develop tastes and eating skills at different rates--your son may be one of those kids that just isn't ready for solids or other tastes/flavors just yet. Give him what he likes for now. Wait a few weeks and then try something new. only try one new food though, so you can monitor him for any reaction. If he doesn't like the new food, back off and wait a bit more. Eventually he should come around and you'll be able to add new things to his diet. Hope this helps and Bon Appetite!


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My middle son did this and it worrid me sick. He would only eat rice pudding or satsumas and nothing else. However much I tried to get him to eat other foods he refused point blank. I used to give him ABIDEC to make sure he was getting his vitamins and minerals and then just gave him what he would eat with something else in the hope he would eventually eat it. I think he ate just rice pudding and satsumas for about 6 weeks before he would try something else. As quick as he stopped eatting other foods he started to eat everything in sight. In fact he has been the most adventurous out of all my kids and will try everything octopus, camel, you name it he has eatten it on our holidays.

Don't worry to much this is a phase just keep offering other foods too and he will slowly be tempted.

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Who told you that he had to eat solids right now? For the first year of a child's life their nutrition comes from breastmilk/formula and solids are only for practice until after their 1st birthday. My first daughter didn't even start accepting any solids until she was 9 months old and she only liked the puffs, cheerios, etc. stuff that she could pick up and put into her mouth by herself. I was actually told by an old pediatrician that my daughter was "overweight" because of how big she was even though her weight matched her height, LOL, she was only 6 months old and strictly breastfed.

You should just be worried about him getting enough breastmilk, that's where all of his nutrients come from for now.

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