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Hi my son is having another open heart surgery Monday. He had open heart surgery at a week old to close his two holes in between the top and bottom chamber and repair is aortic arch. This time he has a narrowing above and below the valve and his valve is abnormal so they are gonna try to improve each one or just replace the whole section. How long is the expected stay for this, the last surgery he was here for a month only because 2 weeks of that they were trying to figure out his eating but now he is eating great on his own with no problems. Please and thank you. You could also email me


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Exactly what Sarah said, Dana, with this addition: I'll keep you and your son in my prayers!

Sarah - posted on 12/18/2015




Dana- please don't post your personal email. You are on an open international forum and could become the target of spammers etc. If you have questions about this procedure, they all should have been answered when you last visited the surgeon. I understand the surgery you described that he had at 1 week, but I do not understand what you describe in the upcoming surgery. There are four valves in the human heart, If the narrowing is above and below the aortic valve and that is the affect valve as well, then the surgery will focus on widening the aorta and possible replace that valve.
My advice to you is write down every single question you can think of and ask the surgeon to explain the procedure in detail to you, ask him to draw pictures and don't be afraid to keep asking until you understand. the length pf procedure depends on the surgical plan, if there are complications and the surgeon's pace. Recovery time is variable too. I wish you the best of luck!

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