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I find it hard to put my 15 week old daughter in her bassinet. It is easier to nurse in bed and I feel a strong bond having her next to me at night. What is right, or wrong, or just feels right for other moms?


Cecilia - posted on 09/14/2013




as long as you follow the rules to bed-sharing (different than co-sleeping) you'll be fine.

Never sleep any place but a bed.
Keep pillow and blankets off the bed if possible, if not make sure none are near the baby.
Never take medication that makes you groggy. This could be anything from sleeping pills to some anti-depressants. Check with your doctor if needed.
Never consume alcohol
if you have long hair, tie it up

I think I covered it all but I might have missed something.

Don't feel bad about doing it. Society tells us we're bad moms for sleeping with our babies but the truth is there are many reason to do it. The odds of rolling over them are so low. We know they are there even when we sleep and we wake very easily.

I slept with 4 out of 5 of my kids. The one just liked sleeping in her crib, she is one and still won't sleep outside of her crib even when exhausted.

I personally loved the closeness and the bond of sleeping together. My daughter who is now 13 will still crawl in my bed when she's sick or had a bad dream. She knows no matter what time it is, I'll be there for her. If someone wants to think I'm a bad mom for that, let them.

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