Organic and Natural Foods on a Budget?

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Any pointers on grocery savings when your kid's diet can only consist of naturals or organics?


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The diet for my baby hasn’t been restricted by a doctor but I elected to keep her diet as close to the all natural/organic as I could for her health and for the overall health of the rest of my family. I have really noticed a difference and so has my husband but I know that it isn’t cheap but you have to think of it as an investment in your health. We are also on a budget and we trimmed other areas of our budget (bundling utilities, etc) to free up more funds for food costs. I know it isn’t cheap but here are some other things that I have done to help make it a little more affordable. In my area there are several natural/organic grocery store chains, I signed up for their weekly email flyers and watch the sales. I stock up on sale items whenever possible. Also, the major grocery store chains are starting to carry more and more natural/organic products and I watch their sales as well. I also do my own canning to store the veggies/fruits when they are in season so I have them for the winter months. Depending on where you live you may or may not have that problem. I know that canning is time consuming and your time is a precious commodity (I work full time outside of the home) But I was able to find several friends/neighbors who knew how to can and we get together one weekend or two in the fall and put up a bunch of food for all of us (Daddy usually takes the kids out for the day). It is a great time to catch up with friends and share the day and still accomplish what needs to be done. Also, my husband and I enjoyed gardening during the summer months as a hobby before the baby was born. After the baby we realized that our hobby was a cheap and relatively easy way to get our own fresh veggies so we expanded what we grow. It doesn’t take too much work and we could control exactly what was used. Also, take advantage of any local farmers markets. Ours usually has several vendors that have natural/organic food items. That is another way that we’ve been able to save money. The other important thing is that I found a local meat processor (we live in cattle country so there is one around every corner) who had several suppliers that specialize in the free range/natural beef, poultry, pork. I buy our meat bulk straight from the butcher. It is usually half the cost of what it would be buying it from the grocery stores and I also get to choose the cuts of meat that I want and they offer several packages. It is a lot of meat at once but we have a big deep freeze and the meat is usually vacuumed packed so it stays fresh for a long time. I really hope that this helps and best of luck!


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Look on the websites of your favorite organic brands. I've found plenty of coupons that way. Also, try She'll feature organic items sometimes. Plus if you look on the "Store Deals" tab, she'll list the weekly sales and coupons at Whole Foods. And farmer's markets are a good place to start for inexpensive produce.

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we're ordering food from but farmers markets would be a good place to start. Good luck

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