Orlandic Epilepsy

Tiana - posted on 10/28/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi Moms. My son was diagnosed with orlandic epilepsy a little over 3 years ago. His first neurologist was sure that the cause of his episodes were due to an obstruction of his airways so he had adenoids and tonsils removed plus tubes applied to each ear. He still has had plenty of seizures after. Recently I have put him back in the bed with me to keep an eye on him. His room is away from mines so it would be hard to hear him if he was having a seizure. Today at an appointment with a new neurologist at a Children's Hospital it came up that he sleeps with me. The Neurologist said that his seizures may be due to the fact that he sleeps with me. He explained to me that me waking in the night wakes him and he's not getting the sleep that he needs possibly causing the seizures... I told him that my son sleeps really hard and me changing my sleep position at night would hardly bother my son. I'm up most nights anyways doing homework and keeping an on him. Furthermore, it wasn't until a year after his seizures that I decided it would be easier to keep an eye on him from my room. He refuted everything that I was saying and insisted that I put him back in his room and take the trips to check on him every so often. Sorry for the lengthy story. I'm up and can't sleep because I feel like they were inattentive and unsimpathetic to the situation.... What should I do?

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