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Debbie - posted on 02/25/2012





I know it can seem scary when we hear news that our child has a challenge. As a mom of four I have certainly had my share of hearing news and going straight to the worst thing I could imagine. Before I knew it I had worried about the next 20 years of my child's life.

When my daughter was born she was in distress. After two weeks in the neonatal unit, they thought she might have brain damage. I had to wait two more weeks to find out she was fine. She is now 14 and is a dance officer, a soccer goalie that has helped take her team to state six times, and is a leader.

When my son was 5 he had "weawwy dood" days and we "daught" that his speech would hold him back. We put him in speech therapy. Today my son is 16 years old. This year he has won first place at every debate he has attended. He has won every speech he has entered at his JSA tournaments.

I have two more children and trust me evaluating and finding positive solutions or helpful options when needed is an ongoing process that I am sure will never stop. After all, my 76 year old mom still calls to support me. :)

My gentle advice is knowing what the need is in order to help your child is half the battle. Find professionals if needed to lend support to them and you to allow your child be the best they can be. Then watch out. Before you know it your child may be winning the debate contests or being the famous artist in the town. My advice is I know parenting can be scary. We want the best for our children. It looks like your child already has the best in you and that will bring out the best in him. This is a bump in the road (just like my daughter's birth circumstances and my son's speech). I'm sure you will be proactive in helping your child succeed, and just that alone will secure that your baby will.

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