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Theresa - posted on 03/11/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




How do you handle when your kids see others with noticable disabilities? I'm especially interested in answers from people who actually have a disability. My kids have asked me, when the disabled person can hear, things like "Mommy why is he/she in a wheelchair", "What happened to him/her". I don't want to tell my children not to ask because it's a fair, innocent question and I don't want them to think they should avoid people with disabilities. Is it better to pull them aside and talk to them about it, say something in front of the person (since they heard the child ask), or actually take the child and ask the person together. Today my two youngest and I were in Taco Bell and a lady in a wheelchair came in. My little ones, ages 2 1/2 and 1, both just stared at her the whole time (she was sitting at the table right by us). I kept trying to get them to turn and eat without being obvious. Thanks for any advice you give.


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Kelli - posted on 03/11/2011




i have two disability childrennone is eight the other is almost and both my girls know that their brothers have disabilities since my boys r disablities the girls really dont ask much but when they do i explain to them what is wrong with people to best i can my almost two year old has a disease called osteogensis imperfecta which is a briitlle bones disease so before he came home i had to set my girls down amd explain to them what they can and cant do with the baby and they have learn that they have to gentle around him my other boys is eight but his disability his global development delay takes for him take longer to learn and teaching your kids is the best thing you can do

Candi - posted on 03/11/2011




Its a touchy subject. My sister-in-law was wheelchair bound(deceased) so my husband's family always knew about certain disabilities and not to stare. I grew up with disab;ed people in my family too, some physical, but not wheelchair bound. Most of my family member are just crazy, so I can deal with mental disorders better than most.My sister-in-law died before my 2 youngest were born and my oldest was just a baby, but we still had to teach them from an early age not to stare at people, no matter what. Staring is RUDE. My 10 yr old is one that stares a lot and I don't think she even realizes it half the time, but when I catch her, all I have to do is give her a little nudge, look, or poke and she snaps out of it. Just talk to your kids and teach them that everybody is different. If we were all the same, the world would be a boring place

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