Our 13.5 month still wakes up every night taking a bottle of milk, any suggestions on how to brake that habit?


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Kelly - posted on 06/06/2011




They will continue until you say no. Plain and simple. If he/she has any teeth it is also bad for their teeth. They have no nutritional need to require a bottle so it is all a matter of habit and comfort. All kids wake up but unless you teach them that it is bedtime and to go back to sleep they will continue to wake you up. Later when they are no longer in a crib they will just walk in your room. So if you would like a good nights rest for you and your child your have one tough week ahead of you. They will not like it and be angry but it is time to start teaching them the word no and setting boundries. No she is not too young. When your child cries go to the door and use your words for bedtime..."night night" or whatever. Speak them from the doorway and leave. Do not say anything else. Do not pick them up. Do not stay in the room. Just reassure them! You came when they cried and now you are saying it is bedtime. The child will scream and be VERY mad. After 10 mins repeat. Then again if necessary. Sometimes this takes a half hour. This took me 5 days. No it is not easy but remember they are just mad not being terrorized. The 10 mins thing is to ease any fears and restate it is bedtime. I did it at 8 mos after my child was sick and got used to getting back up in the night while ill. Recommended by my pediatrician. If you decide to cave in even just once you might as well continue getting up with them because you have just taught them that if they perservere they will win. That becomes cruel to restart. You are then sending mixed messages.

Carol - posted on 06/06/2011




It is not good on your baby's teeth to give it milk at bedtime because there is sugar in the milk and it will rot your baby's teeth even if your baby doesn't have teeth yet. Just before bedtime give your baby a bottle of milk but add a little bit of baby cereal to it so that it will fill your baby up and then your baby will sleep through the night, It works I know because my daughter did it with her two girls.

Linda - posted on 06/06/2011




Is it the bottle the little one wants or the assurance and comfort of mommy? Though it disturbs your rest the security may be what your little one needs. Baby your baby while he/she is a baby and help them develop into their independence. I'm sure dentists would suggest you offer water rather than milk to protect those little teeth.

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