Our 26 year old son, who is hearing impaired is having hard time growing up.

Janis - posted on 10/28/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




It is very unfortunate to what our son has been through in his past. When he was in college he attempted suicide twice. With his hearing aids on he only hears 30% so he misses out on alot to things. He has NO friends. Even when he was in school he stayed to himself. He was in college for 5 years until the last time he attempted suicide. He is in school, trying to get an associate degree in accounting. He had the peal grant but lost it because he failed some classes. He was working a publics but got fired because he decided not to go to work. He can not take responsibility of his life with anything. Besides having this son, we have a son with Down Syndrome with behavior problems..he is 30 years old......we the parents are trying to work full time. Back to my deaf son. Our second son says if he moves out of the house that we need to get ready for a funeral because he probably will kill himself. So we are stuff with a son that only likes to sleep, eat and do what ever he wants to under our roof. I really feel for what he has gone through in the past but it is time to grow up and face who he is.............. as parents what do we do? we have tried to get him to go to therapy in the past and he refused

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