Our 4 year sleepless mysetry solved by mom! Do NOT give up

Sherri - posted on 07/11/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi Mommas!
I could tell you a millions stories...paint one thousand pictures. I have made countless posts about my sleepless child. But IF you are reading this, as I suspect some of you may be (simply searching for the possibility of an answer!) the perhaps I should get, at least somewhat to the point.
Our son, Jayden, was born in Dec 2009. Quite simply put, he was born to be awake. From day one (which, I know...is normal), he never ever slept. He woke screaming every hour. At 6 months, we bought the books and tried sleep training. At 12 months, still waking screaming bare minimum once an hour, we tried seeking pediatric help. 12-24 months, said pediatrician continued to diminsh my fears and encourage sleep training. Which we had tried twice at this point...let my son scream for an hour at a time. Nothing helped. he screamed, he woke. Same story.
24-36 months we continued to see the ped doc. We saw an allergist, GI specialist, nutritionist, chiropractor, naturopath, my dear God the list goes on. All along our pediatrician suggested nothing was wring, and he would just grow out of it. At 3 years old Jayden developed significant head pain he called headaches, and virtually stopped eatng. **please note here eating has ALWAYS been a big issue. He couldnt chew, and swallow well. But at 36 months he truly began surviving on milk.
At 38 months we met a ped doc, a new one...she says to me : I do not know what is going on with your child, but something is wrong....and if I can help you< i will!" At 3 years old, she insists J should be sleeping, if nothing, but out of exhaustion. at this point he is displaying big under eye dark circles.
WE moved forward with tests...lots and lots of tests.when j stopped eating, he developed severe headaches too. We did MRI's, cat scnas, eegs, ekgs....ugh. Damnit we did it all.
Now...i live in a Canadian Province with no sleep study program for children. So they hooked him up to adults equipment and all showed fine.
WE met with our new Ped Doc, and while she admitted a severe undiagnosed sleep disorder, she admitted defeat in diagnosis. we then saw a neurologist who blamed me for being to attached to my child. He suggested drugs for sleep, drugs for anxiety, drugs for (undiagnosed) migraines.
Our turning point was after meeting this ass of a neurologist. My hubby came home and found me in tears, blaming myself because of this docs medicine. My hubby gave me a good damn shake and I kicked into mommy gear. So eating had been an issue since 8 months. Even drinking had caused issues to the point that reflux was once considered. J snored a little. He slept VERY VERY fitfully. Even when he slept, he tossed and turned and cried. and his tonsils were HUGE. like close to touching huge (though they had not always been so big)
So 4.5 years of sleepless nights...of my child waking screaming 10+ times a night, I made a MOM choice. I asked his ENT to take his tonsils out to see if it would help his eating
4 nightmarish days after removing his tonsils my baby slept through the night for the first time in 4+years...ever....3 months later, he still sleeps through the night
I did it1!!I helped my boy because I never ever gave up evem though everyone told me tooo.
Do not give up mommas! Sometimes, there is an answer!!!!!


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