Our CMV story

Lea - posted on 12/04/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




hello ladies, my name is lea i have a son named Matthew he was born July 10th 2013 ...when he was born i was shocked he was only two weeks early but he had a birth weight of 4.8 pounds horrible jaundice, blood clots in his skin, an enlarged liver, as well as a platelet count of 23 last but not least calcium deposits in his brain ( holes) i was devastated i didn't know what was wrong with my son . the same day he was helicoptered over to chkd in a place called the n.i.c.u a doctor then informed me that Matthew was infected with a virus called CMV the first thing i thought to do was sue my ogbyn, why? because they were the inspectors of my sons health but me only looking for someone to be angry with a doctor then informed me that it was common and it could happen to anyone .... i almost lost myself in that n.i.c.u i didn't know how to save my son from the hurt and pain that he faced daily until it was time to bring him home ..the nicu recommend therapy , in my mind my son was OK and didn't need it but i excepted the offer .. that's when i realized my son was really delayed he didn't crawl until a little after one he didn't walk until a little after 2 ... even though the patterns are OK ... me as a mother i wasn't he is my first born son in my mind i felt like i had to worry about his well being everyday. his doctors didn't make it any better for me ether they would tell me things flat out ... no emotion behind it or hope ...so far Matthew has cmv,epilepsy and Cabral palsy ...the next step is figuring out if he is autistic me being a 19 year old mom i am scared to hear the results as far as that on top of the hearing screenings and vision ones as well ... i just really need advice on how some of you ladies dealt with it. sometimes i dont know how.. :(

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