Our daughter is fourteen and recently has been seeing a fifteen year old boy.Only normal---What's not is that he is on probation for sedating and sending nudes.I believe he just like her because she is pretty&I am scared to death what this May lead to.They both are very headstrong &her girlfriends Mom(she is seeing his best friend).is also concerned.The first day she met him the two boys went off &smoked pot.I was a teenage girl once&want her to be respected &treated right.


~♥Little Miss - posted on 11/10/2014




Well, parental supervision in this case is a must. I personally would contact his mom and see what she is doing to prevent further occurrences that led to his probation. I would also not let my teenage daughter be alone with this boy. I am guessing he still has a cell phone and she has one? There is so much I would do. But you must start with talking with your daughter and educating her about how boys can be, how you expect her to be treated, and about her body.

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