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Ginny - posted on 09/13/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




OK I'm new here I am a single mother of three beautiful boys. June 2 2014 we lost our home due to lack of income and child care. My boys and I moved in with my family in a whole new state. I started going to college meanwhile my mother being caretaker of my children as well as my sisters turns out had abused my boys while I was at school. Dcf and the authorities got involved withing 24 hours. I left my family and became completely homeless. The department of children and families place my children in emergency placement in foster care. On September 3 20 14. My oldest son before placement was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy called dose syndrome and put on an anti seizure med. He shortly after being placed was separated from my second son while my third son was in a different foster home completly. Rylie startedinvestigationme behavioral problems became very angry and aggressive. He was placed in several foster homes each time he moved it got worse and worse. For several months I could only see my boys for one hour a week and that was the only time they got to see each other. Rylie had phyc eval done and he was then diagnosed with PTSD and two other anxiety disorders DCF was then told in his best interest to be placed back home with me and not to move him. Mean while she prescribed him some meds to help stabilize him. Dcf along with mobile crisis made the choice to move rylie to a cbat program after rylie had 56 reports from mobile crisis in less then three months of unsafe self harming and dangering others. While at walkers I visited him as much as I could calling everyday to make sure I knew how he was. When I came to see my four year old son he was so heavily medicated he couldn't walk talk move his arms sit or even stay awake or alert. He talked babbled slurs and held on to me for dear life and cried worse then ever before. The place was not safe for children with behaviors they left pens broken pencils batteries on the floor. The bathrooms were worse then public restrooms. The walls painted bright with dr suse themes but so gloomy inside. I scoped out security cams not to kidnap my child but to make sure he was watched. There was one in the tv area I ne by the nurses station and one facing back to the tv area and one in the kitchen. My sons room along with other rooms were in a hall way with no camera. The worst feeling i have ever had as a parent since them being placed in foster care. After weeks of advocating for my son to be taken out of this program he finally was placed back with his foster mom whom he called grandma. That same day they made the choice to discharge my oldest they returned my second son Kayleb home to me shortly after the conference call. I had no increased visits no over nights with Kayleb of course that's what was supposed to happen you have to I crease visits have over nights then reunification but I got him back after months of working hard on getting shelter for us. Shortly after Kayleb was placed home he saw my belt hanging on a rack and told me he was going to spank me with it. In shock I asked him where he saw that or who taught him that he replied Alex. I said what happens to alex? Thinking it was my nephew and something my mom had done turns out to be his foster dad beat my son with a belt. Dcf failed to tell me that there was an investigation but was no evidence to charge them because the wife and husband both said they didn't do it so that meant they weren't guilty. Since July 20 2015 I have gotten all three of my boys back and September 1 2015 I have physical and legal custody back from the department rylie the past week has been telling me about how they touched him at the chat program and is also playing it out with Kayleb i don't know what to do I need guidance

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