our16 year old son wants nothing to do with us!

Denise - posted on 10/02/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Our 16 year old son left school last july, he did well in his exams so he says but will not show us his results! Since leaving school he has changed so much, he spends all his time in his bedroom playing xbox, does not talk us and when we try he gives us all a dirty look and just says mmm, he has a place at college for 2 and a half days a week that he finds difficult to get up to catch the bus for. he was even threatened to be kicked off the course as he missed two days of the second week. he does not wash, his hair is so greesy and looks awful! i am heart broken as he was such a loving, bubbly, joking boy before he left school, now he feels like a stranger, even his brother and two sisters say it like having a lodger and are scared to talk to him...he is not nasty in any way, just so grumpy, we try to involve him and talk to him about things but he just walks off.
HE IS NOT on drugs or drinks, just stays up all night and sometimes all day playing xbox. we have tryed buying him the things he wants, he is happy and chatty when he wants things and full of promises to make an effort but when he gets it its back to being grumpy and the mmm language! His father and i are together, been married for 19. Years happlily so marraige break up is not an issue, he has had stability and rules. i really dont know what to do, i cry every night as all i want is my boy back, my best friend. i love him dearly. it hurts so much that it seems he hates us all and we dont know why. And we dont know what to do? DO WE Leave him to snap out of it himself, leave him to be a hermit, or do we take the xbox away and his phone as if he is not on xbox he sits with his ear phones in watching japanese anime...HELP!


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Patricia - posted on 10/02/2013




Taking the Xbox would indeed be a slap in the face and he will fill disrespected as a man being treated like kid. Your son is very depressed and yes , you have a right to worry ,I cried,and worried a lot also. Your son need time to think some where or some one disappointed your son and some where down the line it has made him feel like a failure,Just keep loving him and back off asking to many questions..I have lived in your shoes and it is scarey !!. I wish i had more time to share with you some things.Good luck,

Helen - posted on 10/02/2013




I think your son is depressed but he could have other issues too. You sound like a lovely family but sometimes that is not enough. You need to treat it like any other illness and take him to medical help. It might help you to check the internet for the signs of depression and how to help. I hope your son finds his way back to happiness.

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