out of charactor night waking and I don't know what to do

Amanda - posted on 03/26/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son recently turned 3 (March 20th) He has always been the best sleeper, only ever woke once a night as a newborn and was sleeping 12 hrs a night by 5 weeks old. He has had the same night time routine since 5 weeks old, dinner, bath, books and bed at 7pm.

At the end of December he was diagnosed with sleep apnea, he is a terrible snorer. This has never affected his ability to stay in his own bed at night.

Since January however he has refused to stay in his bed, he is up 5,6,7 times a night which he has never done before, and is totally out of charactor for him.
I know its not nightmares, we delt with that just after he turned 2, so I know he is more than capable of telling me if something is bothering him.
He has occassionally been known to sleep walk but its not every day and not every time he is up in the night.
When he wakes up I put him back in bed and tuck him in a walk away.

He is extremely active during the day and hasn't had a daytime nap since he was 6 weeks old.

We have a busy lifestyle. Mon - gym for me and the kids (I have an 18 month old daugher as well) go to the crechë, then playgroup and in the afternoon if its nice we go to the park after lunch sometimes. Tues - gym and creche then to swimming lessons and sometimes the park late afternoon. Weds both kids go to daycare/preschool. Thurs - swimming lesson for the other one then the park if its nice. Fri - gym and creche and park in the afternoon if its nice. Sat/Sun - sometimes we go to my inlaws or they come to us and we will go to the park or play in their garden. If its raining we play indoor games or go to an indoor play centre.

Also during the week when we are home we play games, draw and colour, sing songs read books or run round the garden. Sometimes we go to the beach over summer.

Am I doing too much?? not enough?? Any ideas on how I can keep him in bed???
Running round after 2 active kids and being up all night is starting to take its toll on me. I have asked my doctor for advise and he was useless, all he said was he's growing what do I expect, hence I wont be going back to him again.

Please advise, I'm at my wits end


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Amanda - posted on 03/26/2011




The sleep apnea is the only health issue that he has and we have an appointment with an ENT specialist for that in a few weeks.
I don't see how just all of sudden it would effect his sleeping when it never has before and he has snored from day 1????

Iridescent - posted on 03/26/2011




The best solution may be a sleep study. He has a lot of health issues by the sounds of it, and some seizures can appear that way, but it may just as easily be something else. My children are also sleepwalkers, but yes, it's different. My daughter (3 years) was also just diagnosed with Child Restless Leg Syndrome based on her sleep study. Her reflux wakes her up about 8 times per hour as well...and this is a worsening from how she's been since 1 year. A full evaluation is really needed since so many things can cause it.

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