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Charlene - posted on 09/21/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Just found this site while nearing wits end again. My 17 year old adopted daughter got into drugs a couple years ago with some bad friends and can't seem to function normally anymore. Can not longer get her to go to therapy, church, school or do anything she used to love. She lies, won't come home sometimes for days and is turning I into a total loser. Can't figure out if this is drug behavior, mental illness or just stupid, rebel lazy teen behavior. She's even having older homeless men buy alcohol for her and her friends. I'm so disgusted. She was not raised this way and her throwing away everything at this age is heartbreaking to us. Can't decide if residential treatment would help if she's not wanting to change. Help advise please! I'm losing my mind as well as never sleeping. Is it better to just let her reap her own consequences or control it with lockdown. I don't know that those ever work. Does anyone have a story of things improving at some point or do all these kids end up being loser adults?


Gail - posted on 09/22/2016




This brings back many memories for me although it was my 17 year old son. I wouldn't see him for days. One time as my husband and I were driving down a local street we saw him beside the road with his designer shoes and jacket hanging out with his so-called friends. We knew he would not come home so there was no need to stop. This certainly breaks a parent's heart. At this point you need help for yourself as much as your daughter needs help. This article will help with some of the answers to your questions. You will be in my prayers. http://bit.ly/2dohTHU

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