out of control, don't know what to do

Megan - posted on 09/04/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My step daughter is 13 having sex on the daily, I revoked all privileges and some how she still gets around it. Her mother will not take her back because of her previous actions. I need help on a free place I can send her to get help because I have two younger babies in the house who can not be exposed to this. She's now trying to meet older men online, I'm out of options and I need help!!!please!


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Dove - posted on 09/04/2014




Speak to her doctor or her school guidance counselor for recommendations of a family therapist... It sounds like you guys really need some help.

What does her father say? What is he doing about the situation? How is their relationship?

With what she is doing there is no way she should ever be out of an adult's supervision at any time... no matter what it takes to make that happen.

Please don't just 'send her away'. She sounds like she's searching for love... especially if she's trying to meet older men.

Chet - posted on 09/04/2014




What is available depends a lot on where you live. You may be able to find something through the school, or through a local community outreach organization that focuses on youth at risk.

Your step daughter clearly needs help though. Sexual activity in girls this young, especially combined with seeking attention from older men, is a real sign that she is in trouble. You aren't going to fix this by taking away privileges. She needs to feel better about herself, and to see that she has the potential to do more than this.

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