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Erinn - posted on 05/27/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I just saw this woman.. Kathleen... on Dr. Phil (I LOVE that show!!) and she has fears of SO much that it actually runs her life and her family... she can't clean or leave the house EVER and her 16 year old daughter had to drop out of school since she's missing SO much and her mom NEEDS her to be there with her all the time.. I've never heard of a fear so horrible that it totally interferes with your everyday life.. and actually causes your children to quit school... has anyone ever dealt with anything like this? Is it very common?? I can't imagine having a life like that... how can you enjoy anything when your ALWAYS scared to death of anything and everything?? Just thought i'd put it out there... i'd be interested in opinions... if you want. She's afraid of everything from spiders to a brain tumor.... i'm horribly afraid of spiders and snakes, sharks... stuff like that... what are some of your fears??


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Victoria - posted on 05/27/2009




I have fears of so many things its ridiculous but for the most part don't let them cosume me. especially phone calls i would not call anyone or even answer the phone. i still avoid it as much as possible but after having a child i had to get over that for her sake. i also have a fear of touching raw meat so I avoid touching it at all cost. i will cut the package open with a knife and then slid the meat into a bowl and season it that way using a fork to turn it i can not touch it or i will wash my hands repeatedly for the next couple of hours. i know im weird im getting better though. : (

Christie - posted on 05/27/2009




Bugs, I hate bugs, those that fly. When I was a little girl, I used to not go outside because of my fear. I don't remember what made me get over it enough to go outside, but I still have a hard time with bugs. I just try not to let it rule me.

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I HATE spiders and everyone knows it. It's so bad that I've gotten co-workers to come to my aid and kill them for me (much to their amusement). I don't like heights either but I think it's more because I get vertigo. But neither fear has stopped me from living my life. I can't imagine being that afraid of anything. In fact, I'm trying hard not to scream or act afraid when I see spiders, I don't want to pass that fear on to my son. I even went so far as to actually kill one the other day - a huge step for me since I usually take off when I see one.

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I am not anything like Kathleen, however, I fear (and know that I am over protective) of my child getting hurt... to a point where I think it could hinder him if I made all my fears known. I just grit my teeth when he swings, because I don't want him to fall off and get hurt, I don't want him to go side to side on the swings because I don't want him to hit the wood... I am horrible! I was never ever like that before I had my son, and was the 'dare devil' child growing up. When I kept the kids I babysat my motto was 'they have to learn one way, tell them and then let them find out for themself'. I try not to say anything to him about my fears, but everything makes me worry! I probably should seek counseling for it. LoL

Heather - posted on 05/27/2009




I have never liked spiders but after I had my kids I have developed some new fears like of flying and roller coasters (that I used to love) and I used to love scary movies but now its hard to handle them anymore its weird but its not so bad it interferes with my life. I wonder if she developed her fears after having kids or if they have always been there

Sarah - posted on 05/27/2009




god that poor woman! and more to the point her poor family!! i hope good old Dr Phil sorted her out??? i'm petrified of spiders, i cannot cope with them at all and run screaming!! i'm also afraid of kites!! i heard on the news when i was little about a little girl who was killed when i kite crashed into her head. i can't go near someone flying a kite it scares me!! :)

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