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My son is 17 , very disrespectful, to me and pretty much all adults , with few exceptions, he lives with his dad , cause I can't take the fighting any more, example, the day we we were going to get his license , before we go I let him adjust to the car drive a little, he was backing up and I say , whoa whoa , he flips out that im screaming at him , plus cussing at me yelling , I told him to shut his mouth .he keeps on slams my door hit side house just n a rage cause I say im not taking him with that attitude , when he keeps on .he realize im not going he flips out again .now things like this r daily every time I see hi and every time I tell him no , as long as I let him do what ever and don't be a parent he is fine .his dad is no help , he took his side cussed me and didn't even here or c what happened .was I right for not taking him to get his license .im always bad guy.his dad has always fought me on disaplen .he spoiled him now I pay the price for all that his dad did in not making him mind


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This is not an accusation but pretty much seen this happen and this is how it goes.
Ex and you are the examples your son learned from. That is how your son learned to be.
He saw you fighting with each other before splitting up. His whole world caved in. For a time you probably were busy working and not able to be a full time mother either and he did not have a parent around to guide him. Your ex has not changed and was not there for you or your son during those times as well. Now that your son is following the worst of how the both of you are and were to each other you are now at a loss. Why not forgive your EX how he was and is towards you because he probably learned to be the man he is the same way and does not know any better. Why not forgive your son for how he acted because you and your husband instilled in him the habits, reactions, and actions he now has. Why not also forgive yourself for not setting up boundaries and rules for your life before even meeting your husband and the boundaries and rules in which you, your spouse, and children would treat one another. Go pray to God and ask for forgiveness and ask God to bless all of you with His will for each of your lives. You have let this turmoil in your lives and if you want out you need God to help you and guide you. There is one place to learn how God is active in this day and age in our lives. Watch Joyce Meyers on Youtube. On TV the show is called Everyday Living. You will learn that God is the one you need and the one that can be your CHAMPION.

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