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Elizabeth - posted on 01/10/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 12 year old step child claims that she does not like coming over to our house and that we treat her different than her sister. She has a lot of attitude and does not want to listen or do anything we ask of her. Her other step parent is on board with our ways of handling/ punishing her for her bad behaviors. Is there any suggestions on ways to change this behavior?? We have started making her write sentences that correlate to the actions she has had that day. Her mom on the other hand would prefer to coddle her than enforce consequences...


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American - posted on 01/10/2016




The fact of the matter is you can't control what goes on in the other parents home. You have to set clear guide lines and expectations for all children in your home and like Michelle said have a family meeting to discuss those expectations and the consequences for the action. Have everyone sign it with the clear understanding that no matter what the rules are at the other parents home this is how it is going to be done at your home. Stick to it no matter who's child or what the action may be.

Michelle - posted on 01/10/2016




Write up a list of rules and consequences that everyone in the house has to abide by. That way she can't say your favour one child over another.
When you do up the list have all the children with you so they can have a say and then you all sign it. This way everyone knows what's expected and what the consequences are.
Children do adapt to having different rules in each house but you just have to be consistent in your house. You can't change how it is in the other house.

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