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Megan - posted on 06/30/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




First off dont get me wrong I am all up for sticking up for your child and always watching out for them. Today while visiting my mom and dads house with our children,(3yr old son, 11 Month old daughter, and our nephew who just turned a year) I ran into a good friend from my childhood who has a 14 month old daughter. While my children were playing as normal we were talking, all the while she made her daughter stand right next to her, wouldnt let her play with any of the other children.Then to top it all off my son being older and trying to get her involved in the playing trys to throw her the ball that the other kids were playing with. Immediately she grabs the ball and says to him, NO YOU DONT HIT MY BABY WITH THAT! I was in shock and said to her that he was only trying to get her to play and he was only 3. At that point I got all the kids together and left before anything else could be said. but I was shocked at her attitude towards the situation. Am i wrong in saying shes over reacting?! Hes a good child and has never hurt either one of my babies by trying to play with them even though they are younger than her little girl, and I would NEVER allow him to act in such a way if he was being malicious or mean, but this wasnt the case! This is her first and only child, Am I being too harsh since she is obviously less expierenced in this sort of situation?


Jaime - posted on 06/30/2012




I'd say that's more than over-protective...seems like she's projecting her own fears onto her daughter by not letting her play or experience any kind of physical interaction. So what if she had been hit with the ball? Kids get hurt, kids sometimes play rough...it's really unavoidable in most cases. I would have done what you did and left because it can't have been much fun to sit and watch that take place. If she does have more kids, hopefully she will have loosened her grip by that time...

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