Overbearing Mother-in-law!

Melissa - posted on 03/15/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husbands mother is about to drive me bonkers! My daughter gets overstimulated very easily and when I bring her over to my mother-in-laws house she wants to get in my daughters face and speak nonsense constantly. I've told her multiple times to please let her be so she can sleep but my MIL doesn't listen and continues to play with her. My daughter is 3 weeks old and can't handle that much at once. Every time I finally get her calmed down my in-laws get her all worked up again. My husband doesn't understand since he's not the one having to calm her down every 20 mins. When she gets worked up all she wants is mom. She wants to comfort nurse for hours on end until we get home. My husband is on his mothers side of course. How can I get everyone to understand that she needs to left alone sometimes and that unless everyone can respect my wishes then I won't be bringing her over anymore. She might be their granddaughter but she's MY daughter first and that I will make the final decision when it comes to her.


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You have your motherly instinct and know what your baby needs. You should try and make that clear to your MIL, that you know she just needs to rest right now and not get worked up. When this happens, just try stepping up and telling her what you know she needs. Maybe explain a little why you know now would be the right time to sleep so she's not asleep at a time you need her awake. She should understand. Have you tried explaining this to your MIL or just husband? If you get MIL to understand then husband has no reason to complain.

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