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I have an issue. My ex-husband has remarried a woman who was the mistress. That is not the issue any longer, I don't care. However, each time my ex or she fill out registration forms for sports or religious education classes, she gives her information that she is my kids mom. I have sole custody of the girls.

Two summers ago, I was at the first soccer practice and the coach handed out sheets with the kids' parents information and their telephone number. She was listed as their mom.

A few months later, my daughter was signed up for pre-school by my ex-husband and again, her information was given. This is the same school my kids went to prior to the divorce. They also give their information at doctor's visits. So I keep having to bring the divorce decree and have to show who actually is the mother. It gets old.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I was unaware my kids were signed up for religious education classes. My daughter apparently had reconciliation on a Saturday. I only found out about it by accident a few days prior. I am also Catholic and had put them in religious education at my church, where they were baptized. I was then forwarded an email by my ex that was directed to his wife. That made me wonder if they even put my name on the registration forms and asked for copies of the forms . The church responded I was not on the forms, but they could not give me the forms for privacy issues. Seriously?

I know they are do this to see if I lose it. But enough is enough, really. This gets old and embarrassing that I have to keep proving that I am the girls' mother and primary custodian. Suggestions? Yes, I have addressed this with them repeatedly and in court, but they keep doing this despite numerous court orders.



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They have no right to sign your child up to any education or religious education without your signature. File for contempt.

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