Overweight Children

Adrianne - posted on 08/19/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




How do you talk to your daughters about weight gain? Both my girls went to the doctor and are 10-20 lbs. overweight. I do not struggle with this. I pulled them off school lunch and it seems the closer they get to their teens the more they eat. Problem is doctor says its not because they're growing. How would you approach it?


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Socalpoppy - posted on 08/22/2016




This is such a hard one. I think you focus your words on being healthy, getting strong,not losing weight, looking better, etc. I'm not sure about pulling them off school lunch. I think they should be eating something during the hours they are at school to keep their metabolism going, but I am not a nutritionist.

I don't know what resources you have available, but maybe you can find a nutritionist to help with switching to healthy foods at home and if you have the 'makings' at home, depending on their age, they can make lunches to take to school.

Good luck. You can handle this! Get help if you aren't sure how to do it yourself.

Michelle - posted on 08/20/2016




You make sure that you only have healthy foods at home and get active as a family. Just pulling them off school lunches won't help.
You haven't said anything about them playing sport or doing any exercise so I'm assuming it doesn't happen.

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