Overwhelmed...Can I really do this

Stephanie - posted on 05/15/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a 16 month old daughter who is starting to act up. I think the beginning of the terrible two's. I am also pregnant just starting my second trimester. I get so stressed out it makes my belly hurt, I don't know if I can handle having two kids!

I am worried about my unborn baby because I haven't been able to exercise and do the same things I did when my first was in utero. I just feel so stressed out, I tried talking to my husband last night but he says I can do it and his friend's wife has four kids now and they say it's easier when you have more kids. Am I some kind of loser because I can't handle even one child? I am feeling very overwhelmed lately and I don't know if I can do all this. Is it hormones and mood swings, maybe? I was so confident before...

I always said that I wasn't going to have kids, but if I were to have kids, I would home-school them (because of my horrible experience at public school). But now, I don't know if I can do it, I feel like a failure to myself. I really would like to get appendicitis and go stay in a hospital for three or four days. To have someone to cook for me and clean up after me, and not have to move or talk or do anything for anyone but myself. Am I going crazy?! I am so exhausted and I don't want to do this anymore, I feel like running away! Is this hormones, what is wrong with me?!

Did you ever feel this way? I don't have any mommy friends, so I have no one to chat with about these things. I feel so abnormal and alone!


Aimee - posted on 05/15/2013




You feel more stressed as you are pregnant and your daughter is coming up to the terrible two's it will be a hard time. Dont worry about the exercise your getting enough of that looking after and running around for your daughter.

when i was pregnant with my 3rd child i had a 3yr old and a 2yr old boys and working, but my pregnancy was very difficult i was in and out of hospital my baby had problems to. i was very poorly and at 30weeks had injections to stop my labour. it was a herrendous time. my partner was not around and i was on my own i did not get any time to relax, I was so exhausted but i had no option to carry on.
All i can say is your hormones will be all over the place. and you have a lot to adjust to, when your daughter is in bed make time for your self have soacks in the bath and rest when you can. you shouldnt feel like a failure its hard working bringing up a child. you should be pround of your familly and what you do. its not easy. but you'l be ok.

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