Overwhelmed with Adult child


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 05/24/2016




To Terry, the OP, what are you referring to? If it was the adult child with mental disabilities post from a couple of weeks ago, you're WAY off base.

To Laura: Your 20 YO does get to have her own life.

Laurie - posted on 05/23/2016




I'm new to this site, so bare with me-
I have a 20 year old Daughter that I homeschooled- she's just finished her first semester of college.
Also works part time-
She met a boy 7 years older than her - he lives at home-
She's been seeing him for 7 months- I don't care for thin- he's told me to my face he would 'protect' my daughter from me?????
My husband abandoned is in 2004, Memorial Day weekend- lost our home- had to move to a small town where my father is- had no money- couldn't find a job- as I'd stayed at home so many years, no one in this town would give me a chance -
I got very little in child support . Had to garnish it each month-
My husband was killed in 2008-
So many more details-
Fast forward to now-
My Daughter has never gone without anything- except the one thing she needed most- her Father-
I always put her first-
Now I feel being a 'yes mom', & not thinking of myself was a HUGE mistake -
Frankly anything probably would've been wrong-
This boy has convinced her that she can't trust me- she won't speak to me -
She works at the same place as he does, rides w him-
She has no car-
Her attitude towards me is hateful-
She did nothing for me on Mothers Day- first time in her life...
I'm so lost & hurt-
She's saving money to move out - & get an apartment w this boy-
His parents love her/ as his previous relationship was w another boy, for two years...
It just gets WORSE....

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