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I have a four year old son he has ADHD he is very active more very disrespectful to me and to my husband which he is not my sons birth father but has been there since my son was 6months old so in my son's eyes my husband is his father yet never listens to him very disrespectful to my husband more hits him at times my husband does not hit him back this been happening since my son was two I don't know what to do my husband us tired of it so am I . Me and my husband constantly argue because I take my son's side so he says but it's my son I mean I choose him over anyone he says fuck you takes the middle finger out on both of us I've tired everything I could I don't believe on hitting my son I've tried time out I've tried cry to me to please behave nothing works therapy nothing works . I am considering leaving my husband and seeing if that works
any advice ???


Sarah - posted on 05/09/2016




Where on earth did your 4 yo learn to say fuck you and give you the finger? Or, if that's your spouse, he needs to grow up. If your child's behavior has been tolerated for two years it isn't going to stop overnight. You have to teach him not to hit. Take his hands and firmly tell him no hitting! It hurts! Then put him on the steps or corner and ignore him. If he gets up, silently put him back. Repeat, until he stays put for 4 minutes. Then you ask for an apology. Teach him soft touching and praise him when he is kind and gentle. Why do you take a naughty toddler's side over your spouse? Kid's are smart, he knows he's got your attention by hitting dad and you choose him over dad each time to reinforce the behavior.

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