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i've just done a ovulation test and it has two lines but one line is light does that mean im gettin ready to ovulate im on day 14 thanks for any advice never done one of them tests before


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I really dont know how to feel about those test. My husband and i tried for 2 1/2 years to get pregnant with my daughter and those stupid things said that i was ovulating and finally i went to a doctor to find out i wasnt ovulating at all! We had to do fertility medicine with both of my kids to get pregnant. So i guess in my expierence, those things dont work!! You could always have a blood test done on cycle day 21 to see if you've ovulated, that way you would know for sure that you are in fact ovulating! Your obgyn could order the test. I know this wasnt too helpful, but if no pregnancy in a few months, i'd give the blood test a try just to make sure!

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I'd check the instructions that came with your ovulation predictor for clarification in interpreting your results. With most tests, the test line should be darker than the control line to indicate a "positive".

Honestly, the better/cheaper way to go is fertility awareness. I'd recommend picking up a copy of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler and a basal thermometer. That method will give you a MUCH clearer indication, after a month or two of watching your cycle, than OPKs alone will.

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Depends on the kit, but I think usually it means you'll ovulate within the next 24 hours. Since the line is light, you're probably early in that time frame. I found that www.fertilityfriend.com was a big help in predicting ovulation. Good luck!

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my ovulation kit didnt work that way so i coudlnt tell you, but you should be ovulating since it is between day 11-15 from the first day of your period. you can generally tell people you have alot more discharge

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I got pregnant both times using an ovulation test. For me, when I was about 4 days away from ovulating, I would only get one line. Even though they say to test once a day, I would test first thing in the morning and about 12 hours later (i.e., twice a day). Since you only ovulate for about 24 hours, I wanted to know exactly when it started. Around 2 days before I would ovulate, the second line would show up in the morning, very faint. At night, the line would be a little darker. One day before ovulation the line would get darker still. And of course on the day I ovulated, both lines would show up equally dark.

We would have sex about every day and a half after I first saw the ovulation line. Good luck!

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Check out the site


I've never used an ovulation test and I don't know anything about them. But, if you have your period on a consistant schedule, this site could help. IT's what I used to get pregnant.

When your ovulating, they say to have sex two days before, on the day of and two days after for better chances. To know more about that try reading up on sperms life spand. Hope this can help

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