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hello, my son is 2 years old he had his first seizure that we noticed at 1 year old. we called paramedics, once he got to emergency they said he had febrile seizure. before being released he had 6 more siezures. they admitted him into icu did mri and eeg everthing showed normal. we went home with diagnosis of febrile seizures. about 2 months later he started having partial seizures and again was admitted to hospital. they did 24 hour eeg that showed normal since then he was diagnosed with epilepsy but we still don't know what type. he has the saeizures with no fever or illness. he is slowly being taken off keppra and going to be put on oxcarbazepine, my son started to say mama and dada and cup when he turned 1 then completely stopped talking. he is 2 and still does not say words. very frustrating since they do not catch the partial seizures or the starring spells. I wish they can do a study on him to find out what part of his brain is causing his seizures.

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