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Can sucking on a pacifier cause my 4month old to have an underbite? I know that underbites are can be hereditary, but I also read somewhere that pacifiers can also cause this. She doesn't use her pacifier every second of the day, but I do give it to her when she is a little fuzzy to calm her down at times and for her to go back to sleep when she suddenly wakes up. I do want to take the pacifier away from her soon because I don't want her to be depended on it all the time. I would like to do it within the next few months if so; does anyone have any good tips on what I could do or try to do??


Dove - posted on 10/12/2015




At 4 months? No. Pacifier use isn't really a concern until they start getting permanent teeth... and most kids are done w/ pacifiers long before that time.

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