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What can i do to get my 18 month old off the pacifier?


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Like I have said, about the bottle. Just throw it away. Some of us have used it as a crutch for ourselves. So be the mommy and you can try one of several things. Some put sour juice so the child won't want it. Others have tried snipping the tip off a little at a time so eventually they just won't want it, because it feels different. One child after her mother did this told me it was broken and they had to throw it away. Of course she was much older than your child, but the conclusion would be the same. At this age is a good age so he or she will start making words and talking a lot. My son had quite a vocabulary at 18mos. He never took a pacifier. So now would be a good time to engage in a lot of picture books and you will be amazed. He will find new things to do with out a pacifier. Just have to spend a little more time with him during this transition. Best of Luck and may many blessings come your way.

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Here are some tips I read from the Huggies website (there were too many to write out myself!). : ) Good luck! (original article @


Tips for getting your toddler to say goodbye to binky/pacifier

For you other Real Moms who are weaning your little ones from the pacifier (or binky!), here is the advice from these other Real Moms (sneaky little tricksters these moms are!):


"Cut a teensy hole in the tip and then a bigger hole tomorrow. It's just not the same, and he might lose interest. It worked for us. We told our daughter it was broken and we let her throw it away. And she was hooked hard," says Laura Manivong.

The dog ate it

"I told Carson the dog ate it! He told our dog he was a bad dog and cried for an hour the first night. Each night after he cried less and in about a week, he was good," says Kara Miller.

Gone to the birds

"My oldest daughter loved it and it was hard to get rid of it. We had a bird’s nest in our yard and told her that the baby birds didn't have any paci's which was so sad. She took the paci's out to the tree for the birds and that was the end of it," says Brea Middleton-Keen.


Brea adds that a mommy friend of hers used a toy shopping trip to get rid of the pacifier. One day, her son, who loved his pacifier, wanted a toy. She told him that the cost of the toy was all of his pacifiers. That worked for her.

Santa Claus is comin'

"Santa Claus took our pacifier away. We left them in a bowl and he left us toys in return! Worked like a charm," says Tammy Hake Reibly.

Pacifier fairy

"I swear by the Bubba Fairy (We call ours bubbas!) Put all the binkies under his pillow for the new babies who need them and leave a gift in exchange," says Caryn Klebba. "It worked for us at least the first time around! When he asked for it a couple of weeks later and told me to tell the new babies to buy their own, I nearly caved, but am proud to say I didn't!"

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