Padded Bra at 9?

Soly - posted on 08/22/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Ok fellow moms, this is the dilemma I'm faced with. My 9 year old wants to start wearing a padded bra! ARGH! I can't believe we are at this stage already. At first I freaked, didn't think my baby girl needed to wear padded bra so early (so I thought). After all, she is my first born, so this is new to me since I simply don't remember when I first started wearing a bra myself. In speaking with her, she made a good point. She stated that even with the sports bra which she started wearing less than a year ago, you could still see the shape of the boobies. So I'm a bit conflicted, what are your thoughts. A side of me says, if this will make her feel better, go for it....the other side is saying, isn't she too young for pads? HELP

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