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a judge ruled that the father of my 2year old be exonerated. i had feeling something was wrong.. i went up to see, i saw enough:( i had seen incest porn listed on his phone history before as well.. i kept us safe but court brought us back to it.. judge said i didnt see anything and that night didnt accept it and allow unsupervised contact immediately or else:( i couldnt let my little girl go to overnight contact.. so they' have taken her from me three weeks ago & placed her in his care:( i cannot describe the utter pain i am constantly feeling. there is to be a final hearing in may.. please i need help to get my baby back ?? ps- the judge and social worker among others have recognised i am genuine of my belief (what i felt and saw) also no professionals have no concerns about my parenting at all.. only the emotional abuse that has been caused to us by him and us (not listening/forcing contact/threats/my baby not wanting to be taken from they have accused me of emotional abuse.. my baby came back from 1st 2unsupervised day contacts with bruises in her nappy baby didnt wantto go to the second one:(.. bcos of the judges judgement he was exonerated again and suspicion loomed over me:( has been said i will keep making accusations so i cant have my baby back:( i cant forget the truth:(


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Do you have a lawyer? If not, get one now! Take pictures of all bruises, report them and keep a log.

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