Pain during miscarriage???

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Hi. I'm currently miscarrying an approx. 7 week pregnancy and am experiencing 'labor like' pains. I'm curious if any others have gone through this and what you did to ease the pain as well as how long it lasted. This would have been our fourth child. I have a pretty high pain threshold but this really hurts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I have miscarried 3 times.. I will tell you the truth on how mine happened.. I didn't go and get a dnc done for I have heard of complications from it.. SO, i decided to allow my body do it naturally. Yes, I talked to my doctor and and those were the two options. My sister had 1 miscarriage too, but she had a dnc done and when she got pregnant again.. she was pregnant with twins and she had nothing but problems carrying it... she bled throughout her pregnancy ..all because of the scarring the dnc caused.

Okay.. anyhow.. I remember my first miscarriage.. I started spotting pink blood and thought I would be okay.. for it is a sign of plantation of your baby.. but the thing was.. I was about 3 months that wasn't it. I didn't see the baby or anything.. I bled for almost 3 months straight.. I had blood clots of the size of my hand.. When I would get up from the toilott.. it would gush out of me.. SOunds like I was hemoraging..but I wasn' was normal. Having pains with it also.. like having a baby.. labor pains.. it is from your body expelling what is inside.. I ended up going to a herbalist place and got pills that would cleanse your body.. I was supposed to take the whole bottle at once.. I did do it and within a day or two.. I remember it flushed the rest out and then I finally stopped the bleeding.. I was so happy and the pain went away.. My following miscarriage.. I was about 3 months into all of my miscarriages.. Anyhow.. my following miscarriage.. I went to the bathroom and started get cramps and and then I spotted a couple of times and then whiped myself and their on my toilott paper was my baby.. I remember till this day what she or he looked like.. People say today that a baby isn;t a baby until after 3 months of age.. I am sorry but they are wrong.. My could see dots of where the eyes were.. the hands and feet could see the toes and fingers.. but they were webbed-like.. and you could just see the face and the little body... he/she was my baby.. So, noone can tell me that it was a fetus or an egg or an embreyo.. that is wasn't a baby.

Anyhow.. my last miscarriage.. I found out that I was pregnant again and I was about 3 months again and was excited.. I believe I was having another girl.. My daughter needed a sister.. So anyways.. I decided to go ahead and make an appointment for my gyn.. well... my first visit.. I was able to go lay down to hear the heartbeat.. nothing was able to be heard.. then my doctor...she was a midwife...she took me in the room to have an ultrasound..thinking that maybe she couldnt pick up the heartbeat because of it being too low.. well then She spotted a baby and no heartbeat at all. She wanted to make sure... so, I was sent to another place to have another ultrasound done and well.. I found out I was pregnant with twins and both were dead.. My heart fell to pieces. So, I went back to my midwife doctor and she gave me pills to take for me to contract to miscarry or she would had to perform a dnc.. I carried 2 babies in me that were dead for about 4 months.. I took the pills and finally my body started contracting and ( was at home).. and I fell to my knees and my husband helped me to the bathroom.. when he got me up.. I felt something literally fall out of me.. When I got to the bathroom .. my baby was laying there in my clothes.. so,, this time was just one of the most nastiest things to describe.. I carried babies in me for so long that was dead and they were a blackish color.. They had to be put in a jar to make sure they were all there and they was of course.. I only bled for a little like a period and stopped..

When you have a miscarriage...your body has to contract to get rid of what inside.. the same as you do after and before delivery.. some pain isnt as bad as others.. so, it is normal. I am so sorry for your miscarriage.. I sympathize for you.. May God give you comfort and strength through this awful time.


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I'm in major pain someone help me this is my first miscarriage constantly bleeding Oh god the pain I'm 20 weeks so much pain. Tummy cramping and bleeding back pains

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