Pampers with the Dry max.....

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Has anyone else read all the articles concerning these diapers? My son experienced the exact same symptoms...I was atleast releived to find out the problem...I'm so mad at pampers for not owning up to the problems


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1080 - contact dermatitis definition. Can cause a rash, blistering, peeling, redness. All allergies. Caused by items which do not cause chemical burns and do not harm 100% of the people they come in contact with. Exactly what you see with allergic reactions to Pampers Dry Max.

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1080 - Definition and causes of chemical burns.

They can appear as mild as a slight sunburn, or as a RASH, or blister, or actually eat skin and bone. Even "mild" chemicals can do this, such as the lye that used to be used in soap and that is still used in making lutefisk, yet it eats body tissue completely which is why it's used on movies (and in real life) to get "rid of" a body.

A chemical burn requires a chemical that can cause a burn. Every single ingredient/chemical in Pampers Dry Max is safe. Look them up in the national MSDS.

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It's certainly not a chemical burn. A chemical burn would burn every single child it came into contact with (as well as adults). For example, hydrochloric acid causes chemical burns. Anybody that comes into contact with it will be burned. Pamper's Dry Max diapers do not cause chemical burns.

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Some of the rashes are severe, but it's an allergic reaction, not a burn. Look up every single ingredient in the diapers. Check them out on the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) required by federal law. They are all safe, the pH is exactly what it needs to be, it's just a lot of babies have very sensitive skin and are reacting due to an allergy. Nothing in the diapers can cause a burn. Allergic dermatitis can appear to be a burn though, despite the fact that it isn't. Big difference - a chemical burn will continue burning even when the product is gone if not completely washed off, an allergic reaction will worsen for a short time but then stop and begin to heal without washing it completely off.


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In my oppinion all babies react different to different diapers, but that is why there are lots of different diaper options. I don't think it is fair to be angry at Pampers about it, my son has had no issues with the diapers, and if he were having an issue with them then it is as easy as a trip to the store to buy a different kind. A lot of babies are prone to diaper rash and other issues, maybe you're child is one of them. I saw on the news that after much testing and a lot of complaints that there was NO PROOF that these diapers are actually bad for your child. I think that it will differ per child. My son uses pampers and he has had 0 issues, he is now nearly 15 months old and to this date has only ever had 3 diaper rashes, which all occurred when he had a touch of the flu or some other viral infection. Try switching diapers.

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My daughter hasn't had a problem with them when we've used them. A lot of diapers have latex in them but even my husband who is severely allergic hasn't had a problem with any of the ones we've used.

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They havent affected my son. No baby can handle every type of diapers, and you as a other should know that. For instance, we cant use Luvs because he has a reaction.... should Luvs "own" up to that? NO! Just keep trying out different diapers until your baby can use them! Geesh

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My sisters son had problems, and she switched back to her old brand. As soon as she switched back, he bottom healed.

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My baby experienced an allergic reaction, that I thought was the beginning of a rash, until I read the article and realized what it was. I tried all other brands and stay w Luvs, which worked fine until now, when she turned 6 mo. Luvs just can't hold it. So, I went back to Pampers for at least at night. It can def. hold for at least 12 hrs no problem. My baby got over the allergic reaction, so far so good. So, I'm going back to Pampers, since they do hold better than any other diaper out there.

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I've always used the Pampers baby dry but, got a sample of the Dry Max in the box. I used them and my son got two burns along his inner legs where the diapers rubbed. He didn't act like anything bothered him. They were just brown, tight skin, looking burns on his legs. Weirdest thing I've ever seen actually.
At first I thought WTF is that then remembered I used those diapers. Funny thing is, this just happened last month, I thought they fixed the problem, didn't know they weren't owning up to it...

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i have heard these, but i agree with some of the previous posters, it's a reaction of the baby's skin. i use (and love) these diapers with my son and have since they came out. however, if i use huggies, my son these very bad rashes...just his skin being sensative is all

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my daughter got a chemical burn from pampers...i dont like them not one bit and i wouldnt want any one else go through what my baby had to....she was in so much pain and she still has a little bit on her after 2 weeks!!

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ive head about them n to be honest you all scared me not to use them so i use pampers active fit which ive always used but they do have the dry max ones i dont know what im gna do if they replace the ones i use with them

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I haven't read the articles because we use fisher price diapers... our daughter had a reaction to other pampers so we don't use them at all. Chances are they are right, that there is nothing really wrong with them, the babies that had a problem could just be allergic or sensitive to something in them. No one in my family could use pampers brand as we all broke out from them... my daughter even breaks out from the sensitive ones

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I haven't read the articles on pampers probably because I've never had a problem with them. I've used them exclusively for my daughter and she's never had a reaction.

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What?? No clue what you are talking about, curious though since that is what we use. Please enlighten me.

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They have done numerous tests with CPSC ( Consumer Product Safety Commission ) and were unable to find a problem. I think parent's are calling Pampers and making complaints over the littlest rash which you are going to get with any diaper. I do believe that there have been some chemical burns with the diapers but I think that some people were over-reacting. Some babies do better with some diapers then others.

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I've read the articles, but have tried those diapers and have had absolutely no problems with them.

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