Parent of a child with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia I need Help

Maria - posted on 09/03/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My Son Paul was Diagnosed on December 18, 2012 with ALL he was in the hospital till Christmas eve. I found out something was wrong when I took him to his last WIC appointment and his Iron levels were really low. So about a month later he was complaining about his legs hurting I tried everything nothing worked to make them stop hurting, I called his doctor she set me up an appointment and ran some blood work the next day which was December 18, 2012 was when he was admitted into the hospital till Christmas EVE. He is doing really well he only has in till February 2016 and he will be done with his Chemotherapy treatments.

But the problem I am having with him right now is that he is having Behavioral Problems. He refuses to go to school, he hits me, he yells at everyone, his attitude is a I don't care about anything mind you he is only 7 years old. He just started seeing a therapist she stated he has ADHD with Hyperactivity.He has only seen her twice.We have tried everything to get him to go to school I have sat with him at school but I have a younger child who is in pre-K and she goes in to school at noon I cant stay with him all day I still have to get her ready and sent off to school. His doctor doesn't think it has anything to do with the cancer which I don't think it does either but maybe something to do with the medicine he is on I don't know all I know for sure is I am going to get in trouble with the law if he does not attend school , I need help I don't want him to fall more behind in school them he already is and I don't want to go to jail because he is not in school.He is a good student he is great at math but he has a hard time reading. But he is even acting out at school so they will have to call me to go pick him up. PLEASE is there any one out there going through what I am? Any solutions you can come up with would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading our story.

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